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STATA Global is a leading smart home automation solution provider based in Bangladesh. We specialize in offering innovative and advanced technology solutions to enhance the convenience, comfort, and security of homes through automation.

Smart home automation refers to the integration of technology into various aspects of a home to control and monitor devices and systems remotely. It enables homeowners to automate and manage lighting, temperature, security, entertainment, and other systems using smartphones, tablets, or voice commands.

STATA Global offers a comprehensive range of smart home automation services, including the installation, configuration, and customization of automation systems. We provide solutions for lighting control, energy management, security and surveillance, home entertainment, smart appliances, and more.

Smart home automation brings numerous benefits, such as increased convenience, energy efficiency, enhanced security, and improved comfort. It allows homeowners to control and monitor their home remotely, save energy, automate repetitive tasks, and enjoy a seamless and connected living experience.

STATA Global works with a wide range of automation systems compatible with various protocols, including Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. We have expertise in integrating these systems seamlessly to provide a unified and user-friendly automation experience.

Yes, absolutely! One of the key advantages of smart home automation is the ability to control and monitor your home using a smartphone or tablet. Our systems are designed to work with dedicated mobile applications that provide intuitive interfaces to manage and customize your automation settings.

While some automation systems can be installed by homeowners, professional installation is recommended for a seamless and hassle-free experience. STATA Global offers professional installation services, ensuring that your smart home automation system is set up correctly and integrated with your existing infrastructure.

STATA Global takes the security of your smart home automation system seriously. We utilize robust encryption protocols and follow industry best practices to protect your data and maintain the integrity of your automation system. Additionally, we can help you set up secure access controls and implement other security measures to ensure a safe and secure environment.

Yes, our smart home automation systems are designed to be scalable and flexible. You can easily expand your system in the future by adding additional devices or integrating new automation features. Our team can assist you in upgrading and expanding your system to accommodate your evolving needs.

Yes, we provide comprehensive support and maintenance services for our smart home automation systems. Our team is available to assist you with any technical issues or questions you may have. We also offer regular system maintenance and updates to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with the latest technologies.

To get started with smart home automation, you can reach out to STATA Global through our website, contact our sales team, or visit our showroom. Our experts will guide you through the process, understand your requirements, and recommend the best automation solution tailored to your needs and budget.

While our expertise lies in residential smart home automation, we also cater to commercial clients. We offer customized automation solutions for businesses, offices, and other commercial spaces to optimize energy consumption, enhance.

We provide a return/refund policy of up to 3 days during which the product can be returned/refunded minus the delivery cost.

We provide 1 year warranty on all our products and 5 years service guarantee as well.

Yes, we do provide delivery and installation to clients all over Bangladesh. In case of deliveries outside of Dhaka we add an additional delivery cost of dispatching our team to required location. This usually includes transport cost, cost of stay and miscellaneous expenses. The company may defer this payment in certain cases.

We charge an installation/configuration cost of 1500 BDT for our smart locks, 350 BDT for our smart switches and 500 BDT for other products that require an installation and configuration.

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