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  • STATA Smart App
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In the age of smart living, the STATA GAZE Smart Door Lock emerges as a beacon of advanced security, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features. Let's delve into the top seven features that make STATA GAZE the epitome of intelligent door access.

STATA Smart App:
The STATA GAZE Smart Door Lock introduces unparalleled control through the STATA Smart App. Users can effortlessly manage and monitor door access remotely, receive real-time notifications, and grant or restrict access with a simple tap on their smartphones. This intuitive app ensures convenience and peace of mind, putting security at your fingertips.

Password Protection:
Enhancing traditional security measures, the STATA GAZE Smart Door Lock offers a password feature. Users can set secure and personalized passwords, providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access. This feature ensures that only individuals with the designated password can gain entry.

RFID Card Access:
For those who prefer a card-based system, the STATA GAZE Smart Door Lock incorporates RFID card access. Users can effortlessly swipe or tap their RFID cards for quick and secure entry. This feature is not only convenient but also offers a contactless solution for modern security needs.

Generate Guest OTP:
Catering to the needs of hospitality and shared living spaces, STATA GAZE introduces the ability to generate one-time passwords (OTPs) for guests. Hosts can grant temporary access by providing guests with unique OTPs, ensuring controlled entry without the need for physical keys.

Traditional Key Option:
In acknowledgment of diverse user preferences, the STATA GAZE Smart Door Lock includes a traditional key option. This serves as a fail-safe method, providing access using a physical key in situations where electronic methods may not be suitable or available.

Face Recognition Technology:
At the forefront of biometric security, the STATA GAZE Smart Door Lock features advanced face recognition technology. This innovative feature enables seamless and secure access by scanning and verifying the user's face, adding an extra layer of personalized security to your door.

Night Vision Camera:
Ensuring security around the clock, the STATA GAZE Smart Door Lock is equipped with a night vision camera. This feature enhances visibility in low-light conditions, providing clear and detailed images for added security during the nighttime.

STATA GAZE Smart Door Lock encompasses a comprehensive array of features, redefining door access in the realm of smart living. From the convenience of the STATA Smart App to the cutting-edge face recognition technology and the reliability of traditional key access, STATA GAZE ensures that your security needs are met with sophistication and efficiency. Upgrade your door security with the future-ready STATA GAZE Smart Door Lock today.

👉 Unlock method: APP/fingerprint/card/password/key
👉 The intelligent lock has a delicate appearance design, a reasonable structure, and a secure fingerprint lock.
👉 Super design, easy to install, made of high-quality materials, with long-lasting and stable performance
👉 High appearance, exquisite appearance, durable and durable, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting shiny.
👉 Send a temporary password. You can send a temporary password to your guests or family to open your door.

1 Year Free Replacement & 5 Years Service Warranty.


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